Become a Member of the ”World Choir Encyclopedia”

This year the public enterprise ”Gratulationes” will begin publishing the ”World Choir Encyclopedia”. We invite choirs of Lithuania to become a part of this encyclopedia. Every volume will have information about 80 – 100 choirs (depends on the text length and the number of pictures). The choirs will be published in alphabetical order according to the countries.

The first volume will be published in February or March of 2020 and will include descriptions of 80 choirs from 26 different countries, biographies of 77 choir leaders and more than 160 annotated pictures in color. The choirs in the volume are Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir (Australia), the St. Florian Boys’ Choir (Austria), Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir (Bulgaria), The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the Ural Cossacks Choir (Germany), Goethe Choir (Ireland), University of Warsaw Choir (Poland), Coro Mozart (Portugal), Rezonans (Turkey), The Magdalen College Choir (Oxford, United Kingdom), The Philadelphia Boys Choir (United States) and many more. The volume will include 10 choirs of Lithuania.

Each chapter about a particular choir consists of:

  • Full choir name in English;
  • Full choir name in the native language (Lithuanian);
  • City, country;
  • Type and category of the choir;
  • Year the choir was formed;
  • Short history of the choir (up to 5,000 characters);
  • Short biography of the choir leader (up to 5,000 characters);
  • Photos with descriptions.

The choirs wanting to be included in the 2nd volume of the encyclopedia must send the above-mentioned information in English and photos to Each volume can include up to 10 choirs from Lithuania. The author has the right to decide which choirs will be included in the encyclopedia.

About photos:

  • Up to 5 photos can be included in the encyclopedia, you may send more and the designer will choose the photos included in the volume;
  • Photos must be of quality, reasonable size and high resolution;
  • Authorship must be known;
  • Permits for the use of photographs will be required. You will receive the permit form via email after we receive information about the choir.
  • If the permits for the use of photographs are not received, only the written information will be published (the description of the choir and the biography of the choir leader).

Membership for the choirs is free of charge.