Vyrų choras iš Austrijos ieško kolektyvų Lietuvoje, su kuriais galėtų surengti koncertus

Gavome laišką (žemiau) iš Austrijos vyrų choro ““Männergesangsverein Liederkranz Telfs” (daugiau info:, kurie ieško kolektyvų Lietuvoje, su kuriais galėtų koncertuoti 2024 metų birželio-liepos mėnesiais. Jei susidomėjote, parašykite adresu – perduosime kontaktus.

We are a male choir founded 1879 with the goal to maintain Tyrolean traditional music but we perform as well classical and more contemporary male choir music. Another focus of our choir is to maintain our local traditions. In that context it has also become a tradition for us to organize small concert tours to visit other countries and present our culture and singing.

In that course we have toured through Australia 1996, USA / Canada 2009, England / Scotland 2003 and latest 2017 through Germany.

For 2024 we would like to prepare a 10-day tour through the Baltic countries and if feasible giving some 3 to 4 concerts together with local choirs.

We already managed to establish contacts to choirs in Estonia and wonder if your organization could help us to find Lithuanian choirs who would be interested to perform a concert with us in the period between end of June and mid of July 2024.

Our performances are of course free of costs but usually would end with socializing, if possible, at a small dinner invitation or any other social event to get into contact with the local choir.

Could you recommend us a male, female, or mixed choir we could contact?

Or is there eventually a choir festival in that period we could participate?